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Powerhouse® Inverter Generators

Remarkable functionality at an affordable price.

The features included with most Powerhouse® models are often additional-cost options on other brands. Compare our features and pricing to our competitors’ and see why Powerhouse Generators are the best choice for clean, quiet, portable power.

Great Features

Inverter technology delivers clean, clear power that won’t damage sensitive electronics like laptops, flat screen TV’s and game consoles. All Powerhouse Generator models are inverter equipped.

All Powerhouse Generators are CARB, EPA, CETL and CSA certified, meeting the most stringent air-quality standards throughout North America.

All Powerhouse Generators, except model PH6500Ri, operate quietly enough to meet National Park Service guidelines for campground use.

An automatic shut-off feature on all Powerhouse Generators prevents potential engine damage if the oil level is too low.

A fuel economy switch lets you operate your generator at variable speeds based on the load required, ensuring maximum fuel efficiency.

In the event of an accidental overload, our exclusive InverterProtec feature moves the inverter to a neutral position, but keeps the engine running.
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